About Boxego

It's all about you

Here at Boxego, we believe that your important memories should last forever.

That’s why we started Boxego.

In a digital age where everything appears to be disposable we wanted somewhere safe and secure where we could keep the moments that matter to us without worrying that they were on public display for everyone to see.

We wanted a place where we could keep photos and videos and the words that we write.

A private place that we could share if we wanted to, on our terms.

Privately sharing if we wanted to, now or in the future.

Even after we’re gone.

One of the unique features of Boxego is our Future Share option that lets you capture and keep the moments and memories that are important to you and lets you share them when you want to.

But only if you want to.

Boxego is the only website and App where you can capture and keep words, photos, videos and documents and choose to share them now or at a preselected date/time in the future safe in the knowledge that they will only be shared privately.

We’re committed to giving you a service that is private and secure, where you have peace of mind that what you share privately will always remain private.

Posts that you share with your family and contacts are read-only, they can’t be edited or forwarded.

And, if you change your mind about sharing, you can delete a post and it will disappear from any Boxego Inbox that you sent it to.

Boxego lets you privately share your story your way, when you want to, but only if you want to.

Your choice, your Boxego.

For your Boxego Moments

Boxego Moments are meaningful moments that you want to capture, keep and sometimes share. 

They can be defining.

They will always be significant.

Some you will cherish and some you will not be able to forget.

Events, thoughts and feelings, your favourite songs and your reminders of what you've done, what you've been through and of what you've achieved.

That's why Boxego is for your moments, your Boxego Moments, however you want to capture them.

It's your digital scrapbook, your photo journal, your autobiography and your legacy. 

It's for the things that you don't want to forget.

It's your Boxego.

It's what you want it to be.


Upload your Artefacts

It’s up to you what you put in your Boxego.

Write the story of you or simply keep notes.

Take a picture a day and create a photo journal.

Keep a video diary.


Capture and tell your story, your way.

It really is up to you.

Keep it Private

Map your life story in your Boxego Timeline.

Keep a private record of the important moments throughout your life.

Your Boxego Timeline is for the moments in time that you don’t want to forget.

Look back and remember what you’ve done, where you've been and who you were with.

The books you were reading, the movies you were enjoying, the music you were listening to and how you were feeling on any given day.

Capture it and keep it, and rediscover what you were doing today, tomorrow.

It really is all about you, the private you, the real you.


Privately Sharing Private Lives

When you Privately Share on Boxego you really are sharing privately.

You get to choose how much - if any - you share. With a lifetime worth of memories and moments captured in your Timeline you can choose which bits you want to share.

If you don't want to share a moment when you capture it, then simply keep it private - you can always revisit it and choose to share it later if you change your mind.

You get to choose who you share with. An individual or a group or both, it really is up to you, you can share with as many people and groups as you like.

And remember, Boxego is about privately sharing, so only you will know who you share a post with.

And don't worry if you still have the urge to share on your social networks, you can use the Public Share option if you really really need to.

You get to choose when you share. You can capture a moment and share it as a post immediately or at a set time in the future.

If you want to share a post at a specific time and date in the future you can keep it in your Boxego Timebox until the time comes to send it. 

Or you can use Boxego’s unique Legacy Archive Mode (LAM) settings to leave posts that will be released only after you’re gone.

You get to choose who can share with you. Boxego is a private network.

Your details are not visible or discoverable by other Boxego account holders.

So you can't be poked, nudged or followed.

You have an Inbox where you can keep any posts sent to you by your friends in Boxego - and they have an Inbox for yours.



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