Boxego Online Legacy Archive

People have been creating archives for centuries.

Documents proving ownership and value, letters of business and finance, and the ramblings of kings and common men alike.

Some archives become famous. The diaries of Samuel Pepys, Virginia Woolf, Lewis & Clark, Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath and Bridget Jones. The writings of Nostradamus. The letters of Earnest Hemingway and John Steinbeck.

And now… You.


Your Story

Tell your story in your words and picture, your videos and your recordings.

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is much richer than you might think. A story to share across time.

We are building BOLA. A read only archive from all the Boxego Timelines that our users have created and bequeathed to us.

BOLA will be a searchable digital social archive that will be open to everyone.

It will be free to access and use, and it will continue to create and build a very personal history of our times.

All of our histories for all of our times, made up of your Boxego Moments.

Your Choice

You can leave your Boxego Timeline - or as much of it as you would like to leave - to BOLA by selecting the “Release to BOLA” option in your Profile Settings.

Visit Boxshop to add a Post Destruct option. The Post Destruct option allows you to tag posts that you want us to delete when your account enters LAM. That way you can choose which posts to leave as your legacy.

Your choice what you leave.

Your story your way.

Your legacy.

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Email us at if you'd like to be part of the story.