Our Mission - Why we exist.

Jul 12, 2013

Private by default.

If you think Facebook is too public, Boxego is for you. If you want to control your digital assets after you're gone or decide what happens to them then boxego is for you. 

That's why we created boxego.

It's why boxego exists. 

We believe that you should be in control.

You should decide what you make public.

You should decide if you make anything public. And you should decide when to make it public. 

We believe that just because you want to capture your life online does not mean you should give up control of that information. 

Boxego gives you back control.

Share safely and securely in private.

No-one needs to know that you have a Boxego account unless you tell them.

We believe that should be your decision.

We believe that it's your Boxego to be used how you want to use it. 

To put you back in control of your digital life. After all, it's all about you.

That's our mission.


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