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Aug 19, 2013


If Twitter is for what you're doing, and Facebook is for what you've done, then BOXEGO is for what you want to keep.

Boxego is all about you. A way to privately share a private life. Use it to message privately. Or use it to keep things private. It's your private network that you can use socially. A place to keep note of the things that are important to you. It's a life log and a scrapbook that you can keep private or that you can choose to share - now, at some future date, or after you're gone. Share your Boxego moments privately, to who you want, when you want. But only if you want.

Our Promise:

We’ll keep it simple, beautiful and all about you.

We’ll only do good. Or better.

We’ll pay our Taxes. Honestly.

Our Offer:

Post – Add content using the Boxego App and online at boxego.com.

Keep it Private – Write your autobiography, keep a photo journal or simply capture and keep your Boxego moments securely and privately in your Boxego Timeline.

Share Now – Choose to share a post with a contact or a group.

Future Share – Select a specific date in the future that you would like to share a Post and we will store it in your Boxego Timebox and release it on the date you select.

Legacy Share – Use our unique Legacy settings to leave posts in your Boxego Timebox that you only want to share when you are no longer around. (We’ve got settings that you can select to tell us what to do when your account becomes inactive.)

Search – Use Tags and Filters to search for specific posts and themed posts at Boxego.com. (You can quick filter Post from your Timeline by Artefact type on the App: Text, Photo, Document, Image, Audio, Music.)

Inbox – View Posts that have been shared with you by other Boxego users.

Your Options:

Boxego is your digital scrapbook. It's your photo journal. It's your autobiography. It's your legacy. It’s your significant moments and cherished memories, your thoughts and your feelings, your favourite songs and your reminders of what you've achieved. It's the things that you don't want to forget. It's your Boxego. It's what you want it to be. For your Boxego moments.

With a focus on beautiful design and intuitive use, Boxego makes private life logging simple and private sharing easy.

Keep it Private: Map your life story in your Boxego Timeline. Tag and keep track of the important moments throughout your life. Your Boxego Timeline is for the moments in time that you don't want to forget. Look back and remember what you've done. The books you were reading, the movies you were enjoying, the music you were listening to and how you were feeling on any given day. Save it and rediscover what you were doing today, tomorrow.

Privately Share: You get to choose how much - if any - you share. And you get to choose when you share. Boxego lets you share a post immediately or at a set time in the future.

The Boxego Timebox is where you keep posts that you want to share later. You can select a specific date in the future that you would like Boxego to release a post to be shared with an individual or a group. Or you can use Boxego's unique Legacy settings to leave posts that will be released only after you're gone.

Boxego. A private network to privately share private lives. When you want to. But only if you want to.

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