Boxego Moments this Week - 6th September 2013

Sep 06, 2013

Another week, another bunch of funny and weird stuff to make us laugh, wonder, stare agog and shake our heads at.

Google glasses ‘Hipster’ Edition: Google glasses allow you to control a screen with your eyes, but here are the ‘hipster’ editions based on glasses worn by those who frequent London's trend centre Shoreditch.

Facebook in trouble...again? “Move Fast. Break Things” is emblazoned on a banner in Facebook’s headquarters, but is it this philosophy that has got Facebook in trouble...again? Zuckerberg reports that it is Facebook moving fast that gets them into trouble…

And talking of Facebook – we’re not the only ones who find certain post updates annoying: Even friends can be annoying...20 things your most annoying friends do on Facebook. Vague status updates that demand more information, twitter syncing and the ‘humblebrag’ are just a few entries from the list that will have you nodding.

Katie Hopkins manages to offend more than half the nation: With 60% of people in the UK still defining themselves as working class, Katie’s damning appearance on This Morning of the working classes – recognisable purely by first name - was a massive hit on YouTube. Now she’s caused outrage again suggesting her kids don’t worry about their how Holly Willoughby  hides behind her script as Katie insults NetMums – she’s fast turning into a hate figure!

Twerking: For those of you who know what twerking is (to work one's body, as in dancing, especially the rear end), it seems that it really is the word of the moment. A popular video this week was a ‘twerking fail’ – a girl twerking upside down behind a door was actually a hoax...worth the watch though.

Hannah Montana grows up: You CANNOT get away from her...Miley Cyrus’ twerking video is here just so you know what all the fuss is about (her VMA appearance did generate 306 thousand tweets per minute). But in the same week a journalist from The Onion came clean that they made it the top story just to drive traffic to their site. Oh the perils of modern journalism.

Sittin on the Toilet (One for the kids): How can one song with four words (with two more at the end) be so popular. Though you have to admit, it IS catchy...”sittin’ on the toilet...”

Breaking Bad Lego: OK, so it’s not been approved by Lego, but from the Daily Mail headline you’d have thought it had been! Parentdish saw the funny side of Breaking Bad Lego. Meanwhile if Breaking Bad had been set in the UK.

Iowa grant gun permits to the blind: While some Australians were putting forward reasons why Abbott shouldn’t have been elected, they were pleased to announce that it wasn’t anything on this story...

Apple iPhone 5 fingerprints: Just as iPhone users were getting excited about the new fingerprint technology , Mashable reports from the Wall Street Journal that if the phone’s not been touched or if you’ve got sweaty fingers, the iPhone 5S requires a passcode too ...does this make the new technology fandangled? 

We hope you have a great weekend full of Boxego Moments – maybe some of which will end up in our weekly wind down. Do let us know if they should at

A big Friday hug to you all.

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