Boxego Moments this Week - 27th September 2013

Sep 27, 2013

It’s been quite a week, what with a pirate cat and a skateboarding dog, check out what wonders have made the headlines this week.

One eyed rescue cat Sir Stuffington has shot to fame with his own Facebook page, and has generated over 39,000 likes (at time of writing) – proving that everyone loves an undercat. 

America takes on new measures to prevent accidents as New York creates texting zones on the state’s highways, with signposts counting down the kilometres to the next. Madness or sanity? You decide.

A man whose nose was severely damaged in a road accident grows a new one...on his forehead.

Ten of the best...National Geographic’s best shots of the last 125 years.

Everyone’s talking about...sightings on the increase of Britain’s most venomous spider - arachnophobes in Ipswich, Norwich and Leicestershire beware.

This Singing Doctor uses social media to spread new guidelines of asthma treatment...creating a 40% jump – to 100% - in staff awareness of the changes. To the tune of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, here is Breakfast at Glenfield.

60% of parents have used mobiles to distract kids with a mobile or surprises there, but with one toddler buying an excavator, and another trying to spend $15 million on the original Coke recipe, parents want to watch out...ten of the biggest purchases kids made online.

We hope you have a great weekend full of Boxego Moments – maybe some of which will end up in our weekly wind down. Do let us know if they should at

A big Friday hug to you all.

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