Party to the Party

Sep 26, 2013

Around this time nearly half a million young people will be making their way to university for the first time. There will be clouds of emotions swirling around the gates of learning up and down the country. Excitement, fear, joy and trepidation. The butterflies of uncertainty will be swooping in formation as nerves get the better of most. There will be tears. And that’s just the parents as they say goodbye their pride and joy. Saying goodbye to a child departing the nest is a bittersweet moment. The combination of pride in their child’s achievements, hope for the future and anguish at the empty room they will leave behind leave many feeling unsettled.


BBC reports of soon to be ex-boyfriends, unusually amicable siblings and misty-eyed Dads in The parents’ long goodbye, but after the goodbyes are done, how can parents keep in contact with the said departing children? Social media often plays a big part, but an article on Net Doctor about empty-nest syndrome mentions a survey showing 72% of young people aged between 18 and 25 deliberately choose NOT to be ‘friends’ with their parents on Facebook. Meaning for parents, they won’t be privy to the party photos of Fresher Week and beyond; for their children, they can keep their walls free of outpourings of grief from their parents.


What is needed is a private network where children can share appropriate photos with their parents, and the empty nesters can share their feelings with their children privately . Ta-da! One of the lesser known functions of Boxego is the facility to use it as a private network, so families can share private information within the confines of the site. You can open up an account that’s solely for the use of a family to share updates, photos, and videos, so you can keep in touch with your loved ones, even once they’ve flown the nest.

Do let us know how it goes...

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