Boxego Moments this Week - 18th October 2013

Oct 18, 2013

Get your mates round for Friday fish ‘n’ chips. Invite the village for the biggest fish ever?

Lighting doesn’t strike twice, apparently, but what would we see if it were to strike slowly, this is what it would look like and other amazing photos.

One way to do some sightseeing...Dynamo’s bus levitation here...but apparently he doesn’t have supernatural powers.

Cute and food are not two words that naturally go together, but this food really is cute. Some good ideas for Halloween at least.

Hankering for the past? The Middles Ages were pretty cool...13 reasons why living in medieval times was better than now.

The most romantic proposal ever? On a bus...

Happy Friday everyone! We’d love to hear about your Boxego moments...

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