From Taylor to Grave

Oct 03, 2013

As Elizabeth Taylor returned to her home from Richard Burton’s memorial service following his unexpected death on 5th August 1984, she received the last ever love letter that he wrote to her just days before his death. It was the last of many letters that he’d written to her over the course of their fiery on off romance, the contents of which she never shared choosing instead to take his final words to the grave with her, quite literally.


Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton: eleven films (with each other), two marriages (to each other) true love? When asked whether Richard was the favourite of her five husbands, Elizabeth responded: “Put it this way, he’s the only one I married twice.”

As for Burton, there is no doubt that he felt an abiding love for Taylor even after their second divorce, saying he felt felt eternally bound to her: ''I might run from her for a thousand years and she is still my baby child,'' he said. ''Our love is so furious we burn each other out.''

According to an article from the Daily Mail following the death of Elizabeth Taylor in 2011, after 27 years of reportedly keeping Burtons final love letter next to her bed, she opted to be buried with it following her death on the 23rd March that year.

Alas for the Romeo and Juliet of Hollywood, we shall never know the contents of that letter, though Elizabeth did allude to biographers that Burton said that home was where Elizabeth was, and that he wanted to come home.

Readers’ comments on the Mail article show sympathy for Sally Burton, who was Richard’s wife at the time of his death, which begs the question, what of those who are left behind? Was Richard right in revealing his true feelings at the time of his death?


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