Why Boxego - Post Destruct option

Oct 28, 2013

Post Destruct.


Ever worried about someone finding your diary?

What about them reading it?

If you keep a paper diary, what will happen to it later, much later, after you’re gone? Will you have destroyed it to ensure that nobody would ever know your most secret of secrets? Sounds like a plan. But what of the bits that you would like to have left behind? Your legacy. Your little bit of history. Tough choice.

With an online digital diary or journal it's the same dilemma. Or it was. We think we’ve found the answer and we think you’ll like it. Diarists, journal keepers and life-loggers of the world rejoice, you can now keep and revisit your story in as much detail as you wish and you can choose which parts of it to leave for future generations. Welcome to Boxego.

We believe that your Boxego is yours to do with what you will. You get to keep as much of it as you want private and you get to share what you want to on your terms. You choose who you want to share with, you choose what you want to share with them, and when you want to share with them.

You can also choose what to do with your Boxego once your account is inactive and moved to Legacy Archive Mode (LAM).

In your settings you can tell us what you want us to do with your Boxego once it moves into LAM status. You can tell us to delete it and we will delete it, or you can choose to leave your Boxego as a read only Timeline that we will release to any contacts you select. You can even choose to leave your Boxego Timeline to the Boxego Online Legacy Archive (BOLA), our open access digital archive.


We believe that sharing on your terms includes being in control of what you leave behind. That’s why we introduced the Post Destruct option. If you choose to leave your Boxego to a contact or to BOLA, the Post Destruct option lets you choose what to leave behind. Use the Post Destruct option to tag posts that you would like us to delete before your Boxego is released as instructed by you in your LAM settings.

Your Boxego is yours and you may not want to share any of it with anyone. Ever. But you may want to share some of it. Use Post Destruct to keep control over what you leave behind.

 Let us know what you think about our Post Destruct option at theteam@boxego.com. 

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