Boxego Moments this Week - 13th December 2013

Dec 13, 2013

There’s a very good reason why this chap’s wearing a pink tutu and many more photos...

YouTube’s Top 10 adverts of 2013...Evian’s follow-up to roller babies, Microsoft’s child of the 90s and a punk car dealer...there’s something for everyone.

Elvis is alive! 16 year old French-Canadian teenager David Thibault amazes audiences with his impersonation...

Children and animals will always make us say ‘aah’ but this one is particularly ‘aah’...a flailing sparrow and a loving boy. And not so cool cat.


And finally a nod to the friggatriskaidekaphobics out there. (People frightened by Friday 13th superstitions.) Here are 13 common superstitions.

Happy Friday everyone! We’d love to hear about your Boxego moments...

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