Boxego Moments this Week - 31st January 2014

Jan 31, 2014

Need help with a wedding proposal?


Well check out these amazing designs anyway... with the beach as his canvas, Andre Amador and his trusty rake creates these wonderful beach art.

It’s good week for dance videos. Do it for the Vine...I ain’t goin’ do it...6 seconds of your life you won’t want to take back. One guy all alone, on a hill, dancing...but watch what happens...and these guys breakdancing on the subway.

Perfect pics on Pinterest...for every perfect attempt, there are thousands of epic fails ...please don’t try these at home.

A BBC classic. Animals performing with a voiceover. What’s not to like? “Alan. Alaaan”!

“Neurotic individuals would become more emotionally stable if they played more sports.” What?! Foulmouthed, possessive men, and the emotionally unstable...why oversharing on our Facebook status updates are telling researchers much more than we’d like them to.

Happy Friday everyone! We’d love to hear about your Boxego moments...

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