Boxego Moments this Week - 28th March 2014

Mar 28, 2014

If the walls could talk, I wonder what these places with faces would say.

Canada-based artist Darren Rawlings has reimagined classic vehicles as Transformers in his series “If They Could Transform.” The group consists of famous 70s cars like the Gran Torino and Pacer along with iconic fictional vehicles like the Ninja Turtle’s van and Knight Rider’s KITT car.

Now you see it…


And now you don’t...


This photograph appear to show a tree hovering in the air after despite having had a section cut out of its trunk. The optical illusion - created using nothing more than a piece of plastic and some spray paint - is the brainchild of graphic designers Daniel Siering and Mario Schuster, from Potsdam in Germany. 

Watching this video is the closest that most of us will ever get to riding a bike at break neck speeds around the Isle of Wight.

Check out this infographic about the habits of highly successful – and wealthy – people.

Here are a few of the designs from the Designs of the Year 2014 that can be seen at the Design Museum in London.

And finally, talking about great designs, how about a dress made out of ice-cream…


Happy Friday everyone! We’d love to hear about your Boxego moments...

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