Why Boxego?

May 27, 2014

Imagine a shoebox under your bed filled with photographs and letters and ticket stubs and mementoes of the things that you’ve seen and done and that you don’t want to forget. Some of it you might want to share with your family and friends, and some of it is just for you. Some of it you might want to leave to your family and friends, and some of it you might want to keep private forever. Now imagine you can take that shoebox and keep it all online.

That’s Boxego.

And there’s more.

Yes, you can use your Boxego to keep your photos and your diary and your musings, but you can also use it to record and upload videos and audio recordings, upload music and keep all your important documents in one place. Easily and securely.

You can use it for whatever you want. It’s your Boxego, your way. Capture, keep and share on your terms. Keep it private or share what you want when you want. (But only if you want to.)

Some people are using Boxego to keep in touch privately – one family have told us that they use it to keep in contact with their daughter as she travels round the world on her gap year. We know of new parents who are using it to record their children’s milestones, sharing key moments with family and friends but keeping others private. (One parent told us she’s using Boxego to keep a record of her son’s art projects as he goes through school. paintings and scribblings that she loves but that few other people would be interested in - until he grows up to be a famous artist of course.) Others use it as a private journal, or to leave messages for loved ones when they’re away from them. Our Future Share options let them choose when their messages will be delivered – meaning they never have to miss another birthday just because they don’t have access to the internet while they’re away. Another family told us they use it to scroll down memory lane with their elderly relatives, creating a family journal that will be passed down to their grandchildren.

There are too many uses for Boxego for us to try to tell you them all, and in truth, we probably don’t know them all. Whether you use Boxego to keep your special memories private or to share a thought or a smile with the ones you love is up to you, it really is your Boxego, your way.

Visit the website – www.boxego.com  – or download the App from the App Store and make your own mind up about how you want to use your Boxego.

And if you want to, please do email us and let us know how you use your Boxego. We’d love to hear from you.

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