Spice Girls: A Boxego Moment in History - 8th July 1996

Jul 08, 2016

A Boxego Timeline journal entry...

The Spice Girls – Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh – released their debut single Wannabe on this day in 1996 and it reached the number one spot in more than 30 countries.


It helped to establish the group as a global phenomenon and the most successful British musical export since four tousled haired boys left Liverpool. Their debut album, Spice, sold more than 28 million copies worldwide and became the best-selling album by a female group in music history. To date they have sold over 80 million records worldwide and are the best-selling female group of all time, one of the best-selling pop groups of all time. They are the most successful British band since the Beatles.

In their own words…

"Slam ya body down and wine it around, slam ya body down and zig a zig AH!"


Go, Girl Power.


Watch the Wannabee video… http://youtu.be/gJLIiF15wjQ

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