Boxego's Good For Your Memory

Jul 08, 2016

Boxego, the online memory box, is a secure storage space in which to record someone’s life story in words and pictures, providing a basis for a reminiscence activity that can improve cognitive function. Newly launched in the UK, the Boxego website and app also enable people to pass on their memories and family history digitally.

As recent German studies show that regular active mental stimulation slows cognitive decline or at least decelerates the deterioration, which is particularly beneficial for people suffering from dementia. Some 800,000 people in England and Wales have been diagnosed with dementia, a degenerative brain disorder of which the most common form is Alzheimer’s Disease. With the number of older people set to increase dramatically, the number of people in the UK with dementia will double in the next 40 years*.

Boxego allows storage of everything that people want to keep: photos, videos, stories, thoughts, recipes, journal entries, and scans of anything: pictures, artwork, and important documents. Once uploaded, these artefacts can be used as the basis of a reminiscence activity, and can also be used as a record that can be passed onto the next generation.

25 million people in the UK population have a family member or friend suffering with dementia and the stress on them, their partners, families and professional carers is intense. 

“Reminiscing with another person or in a group can be therapeutic because the process of sharing memories helps individuals achieve a sense of integrity and self worth. Reminiscing serves several functions for the older person including promoting self understanding and reinforcing coping mechanisms.” Texas A&M AgriLife

Boxego provides guided activities in order to help record memories for older people. Users can register for free at or by purchasing the app.


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