TV Dinner: A Boxego Moment in History - 10th September 1953

Sep 10, 2016

A Boxego Timeline journal entry...

On 10th September 1953, C.A Swanson & sons sold its first TV dinner.  People could now eat their dinner whilst watching television.  More than 10 million, 98 cent tv dinners were sold in the first year.  The first menus included meatloaf, fried chicken or turkey and Salisbury steak , served with potatoes and peas for the vegetables. 


This new time-saving fad was seen to be very glamourous when it first arrived and even President Eisenhower was said to be a fan.  They didn’t arrive en mass  in the UK until the late 1970s and now we spend £5 million a day on them.  Swansons is still selling  TV dinners but now it’s owned by the Campbell Soup Company. 

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