Pilgrim Fathers: A Boxego Moment in History - 6th September 1620

Sep 06, 2016

A Boxego Timeline journal entry...

On 6th September1620 one hundred Puritans boarded the ‘Mayflower’ bound for the New World. These people were the Pilgrim Fathers. They viewed England, their homeland, as being an unfit place to live and raise their children. The diaries of William Bradford – one of the pilgrim leaders – tells us that they believed they were suffering from religious oppression and prejudice that they sought a new start in the New World.


On November 9th, 1620, the ‘Mayflower’ sighted what is now Cape Cod. Despite seeing land, the crew of the ‘Mayflower’ searched for another month to find somewhere to land. Where they eventually landed was called New Plymouth. On December 25th, after finding a place where the ‘Mayflower’ could be safely anchored, the Pilgrim Fathers began to build their first settlement. The rest, as they say, is history.

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