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We believe that life is a series of small moments that matter.

We believe that those moments combine to define us.

That’s why we came up with the Boxego Boxfund.

Our idea is to help you to create your Boxego Moments.

Your moments that matter.


Anyone with a Boxego account can apply for a Boxfund Grant.

We award three grants each month - £25, £50 & £100.

You can apply for any grant and use it for anything you want.

They've been used to help support charities and good causes.

They've been used to support clubs and community initiatives.

And they've been used to help create personal Boxego Moments.

We give the grants on the first Monday of every month.

Check your Boxego Inbox to find out if you've been awarded a grant. 



Give Someone a Boxfund Grant

Do you know someone that deserves a break?

Someone who needs a treat?

Nominate someone you know for a Boxego grant.

Let us help give them a smile.

(Thank you for sharing.)


To apply for your Boxfund Grant simply click one of the buttons at the top of this page.


Good luck.