Frequently Asked Question

Can I add multiple photos to a Post? Not yet, but we're working on it.


Can I import content from my other Social accounts? Not yet, but soon.


Can I share Posts to my other Social accounts? Yes you can. Simply choose to view a post and select Public Share.


Is Boxego available in other languages? Currently Boxego is only available in English, but we are working on releasing different language versions.


Is there an Android version of Boxego? Not yet, but its coming.


What if I leave my account to be released to a Contact and they lose the Release Password? I'm afraid we cannot release your account without the Release Password. It's a matter of security. We suggest that you leave your Release Password as a LAM Post to be sent to the Contact that you are leaving your Boxego Timeline to.


What is Boxego? It's what you want it to be. A way to privately share a private life. We like to think about Boxego as your online scrapbook. A place to keep note of the things that are important to you. It's a life log and memory chest that you can keep private or that you can share - now, at some future date, or after you're gone. Simply, its a private journal that you can share socially.


What is the Boxego Online Legacy Archive (BOLA)? We intend that BOLA will become an open and free social history resource. If a Boxego user opts to leave their account to BOLA we will store a read-only copy of their Timeline and make it publically available after a set period of time. We hope to build BOLA into a social archive that can be used by future generations to gain insight into our lives and times as captured by you.


When's the next update? We are working hard to push out new features and enhancements, but it takes time. Please be patient with us. And please do keep giving us feedback about what you would like us to do to improve Boxego. It's your feedback that guides the prioritisation of our development time.


Who uses Boxego? I'm afraid there is no short answer to this one. Boxego has been developed to be used by pretty much everyone for pretty much anything to do with logging or blogging or keeping a diary or keeping in touch or sharing special memories and significant moments. Boxego users that have been in touch include: A family who use Boxego as a private messaging network to keep in touch right across the globe; a sailor who uses it to leave messages for his wife for when he’s out at sea; a student who is keeping a photo a day journal; a family who use it to reminisce with their elderly aunt; a lady who is keeping a private log of all her mishaps and embarrassing moments that she doesn’t want to forget but that she doesn’t want to publically share; a father who is recording messages for his kids; a soldier who has left LAM Posts just in case… There are as many examples as there are users. And that’s a lot. The beauty of Boxego is that it’s exactly what you want it to be. You can email us at to share one of your Boxego Moments or to us know how you use your Boxego.


What happens to the Posts in my Timebox when my account moves to LAM status? All LAM posts will be released immediately. All Future Posts will continue to be held in your Timebox until their release date or until your account is deleted depending on your selected settings.


What if someone asks you to place my account in LAM status? If anyone requests that we place your account in LAM status we will immediately contact you and then your Executor(s) - if you've chosen any - following the steps you selected in your LAM settings.


Will you be adding Favourite or Mood icons? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that we're currently developing a suite of Tag Icons that will allow for lots of interesting and fun fast tagging.


Why can't I share a LAM Post publically? Since LAM Posts are posts that you only want us to release when your account is inactive and has been placed in LAM status we removed the Public Share option to avoid any chance of them being released by mistake while your account is active.


Why should I use Boxego? Boxego is a one-stop platform for journaling and sharing on your terms. If you want to keep a private record of your life - in text, images or video - then Boxego is for you. If you want to Privately Share some of it - at the time of your choosing, Boxego is for you. If you want a private messaging network, then Boxego is for you. If you are going to be out of contact for key events or dates and want to leave messages to be delivered in your absence, Boxego is for you. If you want to leave a Legacy for after you're gone, Boxego is for you. In short, it's your Boxego, however you want to use it.


If you have any questions about Boxego please email us at