Welcome to Boxego.

If you can't find what you need below, drop us an email at theteam@boxego.com. 



Your Timeline


Your Timeline is where you can see all of the posts that you've added.



View a Post


To view a post, simply click on it. 



Your Inbox

While Boxego is private by default, you and your contacts can choose to share posts privately. 

Your Inbox is where you can view any posts that your contacts have chosen to share with you - once you've approved them.


The posts in your Inbox are read only.

If you choose to share a post with a contact it will appear in their Inbox.

If you delete a post from your Timeline that you have shared, it will be deieted from the Inbox of any contacts that you have shared it with.

Shared posts don't show tags and they don't show if the post has been shared with anyone else.


What do the icons mean?


The two main types of icons are Artefact Icons and Status Icons. And they're pretty straightforward.

An Artefact is the type of Post you add...


TEXT: You can write anything you want as often as you want – be your own biographer.


PHOTO: Take a picture or upload an image that you want to treasure – create your photo journal.


VIDEO: Create or upload a video to watch, keep or share – create your own video diary.




Every Post has a Status Icon...




You can add a post to your Timeline and choose to keep it private – no-one but you can see private posts.

You can choose the date/time that you want the post to appear.

If you choose to add a post at a date/time in the future, we will store the post in your Timebox until the selected date/time and then move it into your Timeline.



This post will be shared immediately and added to your Timeline.

When you open a post you have shared in your Timeline you can see at a glance who you have shared it with.

Your contacts can view posts that you have shared with them in their Inbox – but they won’t know if you’ve shared it with anyone else.

FUTURE SHARE - A post to be shared on a specified Date/Time


A future post is a post that you have created that you want to share at a specific date/time in the future.

We will store your future posts in your Timebox until the date/time that you have selected to share them.

Once they are shared, we will add them to your Timeline. 

FUTURE SHARE - Legacy Post


Legacy Archive Mode (LAM) posts are added to your Timebox and only shared once your account is placed in LAM Status.

And you can tag your posts for easy reference...



Does exactly what the name suggests - it tells you that you have attached an easy reference tag to a Post. 



The words that we use...


Artefacts – The Oxford Dictionary definition of an artefact is “an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest”. We believe that what you post on Boxego fulfils that criteria and so we reference the types of posts that you can add to your Boxego as Artefacts. You can choose which type of artefact to add to a post – Text, Photo or Video.   


Artefact screen – this is a quick filter screen that allows you to filter and view posts by artefact type – Text, Photo or Video.


Boxego Online Legacy Archive (BOLA) – BOLA is a read only archive from all the Boxego Timelines that our users have created and bequeathed to us. Currently in development, BOLA will be a searchable digital social archive that will be free to access and use, and it will continue to create and build a very personal history of our times. You can leave your Boxego Timeline - or as much of it as you would like to leave - to BOLA by selecting the “Release to BOLA” option in your Profile Settings.


Executor – You can select any of your Boxego contacts to act as Executors. We will only contact an Executor (in addition to contacting you) if we receive a request to place your account into LAM Status or when your account becomes inactive according to the settings you select in your Profile settings. The Executor’s role is to confirm if your account can be placed into LAM Status and your LAM Posts released from your Timebox.


Inactive – This means that you have not logged in or used your Boxego account. Your LAM Settings allow you to choose how long your account can be inactive before we place it in LAM Status.


Inbox – This is where you can view any posts that have been shared with you. You can access your Inbox from the Menu.


Future Share – Our unique Future Share options let you choose the specific date/time in the future that you would like to share a post that you've created - a birthday message to a friend perhaps. Future Posts are stored in your Timebox and moved to your Timeline once the selected share date/time has been reached.


Legacy Archive Mode (LAM) Post – This is a post that you want to share once your account becomes inactive and is moved to LAM Status. LAM Posts are held in your Timebox.


Legacy Archive Mode (LAM) Settings – These are your failsafes to ensure that your account is not placed in LAM Status by mistake. You choose how long your account can be inactive before we send you up to four reminders to login to your account before we place is in LAM Status and release any LAM Posts that you have created. 


Legacy Archive Mode (LAM) Status – This means your account has been inactive and is now in effect closed. If you do not log in to your account it will be placed in LAM Status after a set time selected by you in the LAM settings in your Profile. If you have any LAM Posts or Future Posts in your Timebox they will be released when your account enters LAM Status. Once your account is in LAM Status we will either Delete your account or share your Timeline with a Contact or BOLA as instructed by you in your Profile settings. (Accounts will be Deleted by default after I month in LAM Status unless otherwise you select an alternative option in your Profile settings.)


Post – You create posts in Boxego and keep them in your Timeline – or your Timebox. Posts can include any type of artefact – Text, Photos and Video recordings. Each post has a title bar that displays the date/time it was created – Future Posts display the date/time that the post is due to be shared – and each post has a number of icons displayed for quick and easy reference. (Icons display the Artefact type and the post status – Private or Shared. You can also choose to add a Tag to your posts for easy reference.)


Timeline – This is where you can see all of the posts that you have created. They appear in chronological order.


Timebox – This is where we store your Future Posts and your LAM Posts.