Boxego Moments this Week - 6th September 2013

Another week, another bunch of funny and weird stuff to make us laugh, wonder, stare agog and shake our heads at. View Post

Larping About

When reality gives way to fantasy in the realm of historical reenactment. View Post

World War I soldier wills digitised for online archive

The last wishes, thoughts and concerns of more than 230,000 soldiers who died on the front line during World War I are to be made available online. View Post

About Boxego

What is the new Personal Social Network Boxego all about? View Post

Get happy...start a journal

Anne Frank, Samuel Pepys and Bridget Jones all did it. Okay, so the latter was fictional but psychologists do talk of the ‘Bridget Jones effect’ – that by writing about emotive experiences we can help to overcome negative experiences. View Post

Our Mission - Why we exist.

If you think Facebook is too public, Boxego is for you. If you want to control your digital assets after you're gone or decide what happens to them then boxego is for you. That's why we created boxego. It's why boxego exists. We believe that you should be in control. View Post

Six Word Story: Strap Line Angst.

Boxego is great. But we need help with the strapline... "The smart unsocial journaling legacy network" just doesn't quite do us justice. View Post