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The Boxego App

It's FREE to download and use.





Your Story Your Way            

Add your Artefacts and keep what's important to you safe and secure. 

Write the story of you or simply keep notes.

Take a picture a day and create a photo journal.

Keep a video notebook.







Add a Post

Simply type in a note to add to your Timeline.

Add a photo or a video if you want to.

Boxego posts are private by default.

If you want to share, simply swipe the slider in the central toolbar.

You can even add a tag for easy reference.






Your Timeline


Posts appear in your Timeline in date order.

 The Artefact icon tell you what type of post you've added.

 The Status icon tells you if you've shared it or kept it private.

 And the Tag icon reminds you that you've given it a label.

To open a post simply tap it.








Future Share

Keep your special moments safe in your Timebox until you're ready to share them.

You're in control of what you share... and when you share.

Use our unique Future Share options to choose when you want to share.

If you want to share.







If someone shares a post with you  - if you approve it - you can view it in your Inbox.

You can delete a post without looking at it.

And you can block a user if you do not want to view their posts.









Boxego Online Legacy Archive


You can select to delete your Boxego account when you're no longer around.

 You can leave your Timeline to someone as your legacy, or you can leave it to BOLA.

(Use our unique Post Destruct option to choose what you want to leave behind.) 

 BOLA will be a searchable digital social archive that will be open to everyone.

 Free to access and use, it will build a very personal history of our times.

 Our history of our time, made up of the Boxego Moments you choose to leave behind.

 But only if you want to.